Map of the Rolling Prairie Trail, IA


Rolling Prairie Trail, Iowa

Rolling Prairie Trail Iowa map area

Rolling Prairie Trail, Iowa


57.6 miles


unpaved / paved


Coulter, Hampton, Hansell, Dumont, Bristow, Allison, Clarksville, Shell Rock, Waverly, Readlyn


Iowa countryside, rural communities, farm land, railroad bridges, Heery Woods State Park


Cedar Rapids


Regional Trails

The Rolling Prairie Trail is a 57.6-miles long paved and unpaved pathway that is located in Central Iowa. There are two separate section of the trail. The western section spans between Coulter and Shell Rock and the eastern section spans between Waverly and Readlyn. This area is located 14-miles to the north of Cedar Falls and Waterloo.

The route of the trail is an abandoned railroad right-of-way that goes through Northern Iowa farmland and rural communities.


The Rolling Prairie Trail has paved and unpaved sections. There are several gaps in the overall route of the trail. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking.

Much of the trail is not completely developed. Be sure to check with the official local websites to verify what sections are open and their conditions.

Most of the route is not paved and some of this has a graded surface of crushed stone where other portions have a natural grassy surface. The paved portions of the trail extend from Allison to Clarksville, 6-miles and from Clarksville to Shell Rock, 5.5-miles.


The Rolling Prairie Trail goes past the following communities: Coulter, Hampton, Hansell, Dumont, Bristow, Allison, Clarksville, Shell Rock, Waverly and Readlyn.

Points of Interest

The Rolling Prairie Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Progress Park - Hampton
East Park - Hampton
Franklin General Hospital
Deer Meadow Wildlife Area
Wilder Park - Allison
Harry Woods State Park
Volunteer City Park - Clarksville
Bridge over the Cedar River
Nearby Trails

Waverly Trails: within the community of Waverly, there is a 2-mile long paved recreational trail that connects Kohlmann Park, South Riverside Park, Brookwood Park and Red Cedar Park.

End Points

The Rolling Prairie Trail has two separate sections with a 6-mile gap in between. The western section is 44.6-miles long and the eastern section is 13-miles long.

The west end of the western portion is located along Gull Avenue in Coutler. The east end of this section of the trail is located along N. Public Road north of the community of Shell Rock. This section of the trail has a short 1.3-mile gap at Clarksville where trail users will need to use local roads to reach the next section.

The west end of the eastern section is located along 2nd Street NW just north of 6th Avenue NW in Waverly. The eastern end of this section is located along W. 1st Street on the western edge of Readlyn. Along the eastern section there is a 1-mile long branch off the trail at Highway 63 that heads straight south to 250th Street on the north side of Denver.


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