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Fort Dodge, Iowa

Fort Dodge, Iowa

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Boone River Recreational Trail

Fort Dodge Recreation Trail

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Three Rivers Trail

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Regional Trails

Fort Dodge is located along the Des Moines River in Webster County in Central Iowa. the city is about an hours drive from Ames, Iowa. Other nearby locations with recreational trails are Webster City and Twin Lakes.

Fort Dodge Recreational Trail

Fort Dodge has an expansive network of paved and unpaved recreational trails for walking, bike riding and running. These pathways may be located away from streets or follow alongside some of the major roadways in Fort Dodge.

Portions of the trail system follow alongside the Des Moines River going through natural areas, local parks, residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, through farmland and past golf courses.

Other sections of the trail system head north to Kennedy Park and connect to the unpaved trail system that travels around Badger Lake.

Another stretch of the trail system follows alongside S. 32nd Street on the eastern side of the city.

Three Rivers Trail

The Three Rivers Trail is a  33.3-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between Rolfa, Humboldt and Eagle Grove in about 13 miles north of Fort Dodge. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad corridor and has a surface of crushed stone. For the most part, the route goes cross country away from roadways and includes miles of farmland, natural areas alongside the Des Moines River, wetlands, woodlands and rural communities.

The Three Rivers Trail uses a historic railroad bridge to cross the East Fork of the Des Moines River to the southeast of Dakota City. There is also a bridge for crossing the Boone River to the northwest of Eagle Grove.

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Boone River Recreational Trail

The Boone River Recreational Trail is a 5.7-mile long paved trail located about 22 miles east of Fort Dodge in the community of Webster City. The trail meanders through natural areas and parks alongside the Boone River. The trail stretches between Nokomi's Park and Briggs Wood Park with a couple short gaps where trail users need to use local streets to reach the next section.

Twin Lakes Trail

The Twin Lake Trail is a 7.4-mile long paved pathway that wraps around North Twin Lake located about 25 miles west of Fort Dodge. The trail makes a complete loop and goes past residential areas and a number of local parks.


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