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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Dubuque, Iowa

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Dubuque, Iowa

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Alliant Powerline Trail

Begfield Recreation Area

Dubuque Trail

Heritage Trail

Mississippi Riverwalk

NW Arterial Bike / Hike Trail

River View Park Trail


Regional Trails

Dubuque is located in Debuque County on the eastern edge of the State of Iowa. The city is situated along the Mississippi River across from the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. This is a very beautiful area with views of the boats sailing down the Mississippi River looking out from atop limestone bluffs, thickly wooded areas and open farmland.

Dubuque has 25 miles of recreational trails for biking and walking. These trails are located along the riverfront area and in other locations throughout the city. In addition to the trails contained within the city, Dubuque is the eastern terminus of the Heritage Trail that extend to the west as far as the community of Dyersville.

Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail is a 28.5-mile long, mostly unpaved, pathway that extends from Dubuque to Dyersville in Eastern Iowa. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad bed and travels through thick woods, across wetlands, through open farmland and prairie land. Much of the route of the Heritage Trail takes you away from roadways and traffic and there are relatively few road crossings

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