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Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Boyson Trail

Cedar River Trail North

Cedar River Trail South

Cedar Valley Nature Trail


Cherry Hill Park Trail

Ellis Trail

Grant Wood Trail

Hover Trail

Krumholtz Trail

Lake McBride Trail

Lower Park Trail

Morgan Creek Park Trails

Prairie Park Trail

Sac and Fox Trail



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Regional Trails

Cedar Rapids is located in the eastern portion of the State of Iowa. The city is situated along the Cedar River and is home to several colleges.

Cedar Rapids has a number of recreational trails for bike riding, walking and running. Some of these trails follow alongside rivers or were constructed along abandoned railroad right-of-ways.

Cedar Valley Nature Trail

The Cedar Valley Nature Trail is a 51-mile paved and unpaved pathway that extends from the City of Evansdale, south of Waterloo, to the City of Hiawatha, north of Cedar Rapids. The trail was established along the abandoned railroad right-of-way of the Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Northern (WCF&N). The route goes through 4 counties and several local farming communities. The trail goes past miles of farmland, wetlands and forested areas and is located away from major roadways. The attractions include a large bridge for crossing the Cedar River between La Porte City and Brandon.

The Cedar Valley Nature Trail meets up with the Cedar River Trail adjacent to N. Center Point Road to the south Boyson Road on the north side of the city.

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Cedar River Trail

The Cedar River Trail is a 12.6-mile long paved pathway that stretches from N. Center Point Road to 76th Avenue SW. The north end connects to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. The trail goes around Cedar Lake near Mohawk City Park then through the downtown area.The trail continues to the south of US Highway 30 as far as 76th Avenue SW where it meets up with the Hover Trail.

Hover Trail

The Hover Trail is a 2.7-mile long paved pathway that spans between 76th Avenue SW and the community of Ely. It connects to the Cedar River Trail on its north end and ends at Ely Pond at the south end.

Sac & Fox Trail

The Sac & Fox Trail is a 7.2-mile long unpaved trail that follows alongside the Cedar River and then alongside Indian Creek on the east side of Cedar Rapids. The trail goes through the natural areas adjacent to the waterways and past the Indian Creek Nature Center. The southwest end is adjacent to the Prairie Park Fishery located south of Otis Road and Cole Street. The north end is along E Post Road near Cottage Grove Parkway SE.

Grant Wood Trail

The Grant Wood Trail is an unpaved pathway located in the farming areas east of Cedar Rapids. The trail is located along an abandoned railroad right-of-way to the north of Secrist Road and Martell Road. The trail is currently constructed in three segments, a 3.3-mile long segment between Highway 151 and Oxley Road, a 2-mile long segment between Creekside Road and Springville Road and a 3-mile long segment between Alderman Road and Linn Jones Road.


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