Map of the Wabash Heritage Trail


Wabash Heritage Trail

Wabash Heritage Trail Indiana map area

Wabash Heritage Trail


13.7 miles


paved / unpaved


Lafayette, West Lafayette


natural areas along the Wabash River, Purdue University, Happy Hollow Park, historic railroad bridge



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The Wabash Heritage Trail is a 13.7-mile long paved and unpaved pathway that follows the banks of the Wabash River through Lafayette and West Lafayette in Northwestern Indiana. Much of the trail is a natural path that wanders through the forested are alongside the river with pavement in the more developed areas. The south end of the trail follows the north side of the Wabash River from where it meets S River Road to the pedestrian bridge of the river to the north of E. State Street. The trail branches this location.

The west branch goes past Tapawingo Park and heads into West Lafayette and goes through Happy Hollow Park.

The east branch crosses the river and continues along the east bank. It passes the Lafayette Amtrak Station and Lyboult Sports Park. This section of the trail uses a historic railroad bridge to cross the Wabash River to the west of N. 9th Street.


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