Map of the Pleasant Run Trail in Indianapolis, Indiana


Pleasant Run Trail

Pleasant Run Trail Indiana map area

Pleasant Run Trail


7 miles






residential neighborhoods, local parks, natural areas along Pleasant Run waterway


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Indianapolis Cultural Trail



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The Pleasant Run Trail is a 7-mile long paved path that is located to the southeast of Downtown Indianapolis. The trail travels through the greenbelt alongside the Pleasant Run waterway and it meanders through the residential areas.

Points of Interest

The Pleasant Run Trail goes past the following points of interest:

  • Garfield Park
  • Indianapolis Cultural Trail
  • Christian Park
  • Christian Park Elementary School
  • Shepherd Community Center
  • Thomas Carr Community High School
  • Ellenberger Park
Nearby Trails

The Pleasant Run Trail connects with trails in Garfield Park, with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail at Shelby Street and with trails in Ellenberger Park.

End Points

The southwest end of the Pleasant Run Trail is located at Garfield Park south of Raymond Street and west of Shelby Street.There are two short gaps in the trail where trail users need to use sidewalks or streets to get to the next section. These locations are at Prospect Street and and English Avenue.

The northeast end of the Pleasant Run Trail is located at Ellenberger Park at E. Michigan Street and N. Ritter Avenue.


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