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Recreation trails for walking, running and cycling in Pocatello, Idaho

Pocatello, Idaho map area

Pocatello, Idaho

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Cheyenne Avenue / Pocatello Greenway

Millward Mile / Portnuef Greenway

Pioneer Park / Portneuf Greenway

Portneuf Wellness Complex Trails

Red Hill Trail / Portneuf Greenway

Pocatello is located in Bannock County in the southeastern corner of Idaho along the Portneuf River. This area is located at the interchange of Interstate 15 and Interstate 86. The American Falls Reservoir on the Snake River is located just west of Pocatello.

Portneuf Greenway

Pocatello has a series of paved and unpaved paths paths for bikes and pedestrians referred to as the Portneuf Greenway. The different sections of the greenway travel along the Portneuf River or through residential areas. They pass by several parks and other points of interest, such as: Indian Hills Soccer Complex, Lower Ross Park, Idaho State University, Rainey Park and Raymond Park.

City Creek Trail System

Pocatello also has an area of unpaved trails called the City Creek Trail System. This is a system of trails is located on the southwest side of town near South Grant Street. It is used by hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikes. Some trails are open to motorized vehicles as well.

Portneuf Wellness Complex Trail

The Portneuf Wellness Complex is located on Olympus Drive on the north end of Pocatello. The complex has athletic fields and an amphitheater. There are paved pathways at the complex, including a 1.4-mile loop around the perimeter.


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