Map of bike paths / walking paths in the Nampa, Idaho area


Recreation trails for walking, running and cycling in Nampa, Idaho

Nampa, Idaho map area

Nampa, Idaho

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Indian Creek Pathway

Kingfisher Trail

Partridge Pathway

Stoddard Pathway

Wilson Pathway



Nampa, Idaho is located 20 miles west of the capital city of Boise and 20 miles east of the Oregon border. It is also directly adjacent to Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Lowell. 

Nampa has several paved pathways for non-motorized uses walking, bike riding and other recreational activities.

Wilson Pathway

The longest pathway in Nampa is Wilson Pathway which crosses through the southwest neighborhoods along the Wilson Drain ditch. This paved pathway is about 5 miles long. It starts in the neighborhood northeast of the intersection of S. Middleton Road and W Roosevelt Avenue. It travels southeast from there, goes near the Nampa Recreation Center and Skyview High School and it travels through Wilson Creek Park

The south end of the Wilson Pathway is a loop around Wilson Ponds west of S Powerline Road. This is the location of the Nampa Fish Hatchery that is run by the Idaho Fish and Game Department.

Stoddard Pathway

Stoddard Pathway is a 2 mile long paved trail that travels north to south through residential neighborhoods on the east side of Nampa. The pavement starts at the end of S. 19th Street off of E Amity Avenue. The pathway ends at S Jenny Lane south of town.

Indian Creek Pathway

Indian Creek Pathway is a 2 mile long paved path follows alongside Indian Creek on the northeast side of E. Railroad Avenue. It wanders along the backside of the residential neighborhoods on the northeast side of town.


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