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Lewiston, Idaho

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Lewiston Levee Parkway Trail

Clarkstown Greenbelt Trail



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Lewiston is located along the Clearwater River and the Snake River on the border between the State of Idaho and the State of Washington. The town of Clarkston sits on the Washington side of the Snake River. These two communities have a system of paved pathways that travel along the banks of the two rivers called the Lewiston Levee Parkway and the Clarkston Greenbelt Trail.

Lewiston Levee Parkway Trail

The Lewsiton Levee Parkway Trail is a set of paved pathways totaling over 12 miles. The southern end of the trail is located at the Hells Gate State Recreation Area. The trail heads to the north along the east banks of the Snake River. The trail goes past Kiwanis Park and around the bend to the south bank of the Clearwater River going past Locomotive Park to stop at about a third of a mile east of the Memorial Bridge.

There are pedestrian walkways on each side of the roadway on the Memorial Bridge along Highway 12 for crossing over to the remainder of the trail that follows the north bank of the Clearwater River to the east for 4.4 miles. This section of the trail goes past Clearwater Park and stops just west of where the Hatwai Byass meets Highway 12.

Clarkston Greenbelt Trail

The Clarkston Greenbelt Trail is a 5-mile long paved pathway that follows the west bank of the Snake River from the town of Asotin to Bridge Street in Clarkston. Pedestrians and bikes can cross the river at the Southway Bridge or Main Street Bridge to connect from the one pathway to the other.


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