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Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia

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Chattahoochee Riverwalk

Fall Line Traice

Phenix City Riverwalk



Columbus is located along the Chattahoochie River in Muscogee County on the western edge of Georgia. The city sits opposite from Phenix City, Alabama. Columbus is home to the Columbus State Universtiy, Coca Cola Space Science Center and the National Civil War Naval Museum.

The riverfront of Columbus is a vibrant mixture of natural beauty, history, outdoor recreation, restaurants, office complexes, museums and the Chattahoochee Riverwalk.

Chattahoochee Riverwalk

The Chattahooche Riverwalk is a 15-mile long paved pathway system that extends from north of US Highway 80 to Fort Benning. The riverwalk is a premier attraction for the City of Columbus and takes visitors past many of the city's main attractions. The walkway offers beautiful views of the river, lovely landscaping, museums, restaurants, and parks.

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Fall Line Trace

The Fall Line Trace is a 9-mile long paved pathway that connects Downtown Columbus with the northeastern suburbs. The trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad right-of-way and connects several parks, commercial areas, and residential neighborhoods.

The Fall Line Trace goes past Hardaway High School, Columbus State University, Peachtree Mall, the Columbus Airport, Cooper Creek Park, Flat Rock Park, and Midland Middle School.

The southwest end of the Fall Line Trace is located along 10th Avenue near the Midtown Medical Center on the northeast side of Downtown Columbus. The northeast end of the trail is located along Psalmond Road to the north of the Manchester Expressway in Midland.


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