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Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Palm Coast, Florida

Palm Coast, Florida

Palm Coast, Florida

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Flagler Beach to Marineland Trail

Graham Swamp Trail

St. Joe Walkway





Regional Trails

Palm Coast is located along the Atlantic Coast side of the State of Florida, just a few miles north of Daytona Beach and south of St. Augustine. This area lies to the northeast of Orlando and southeast of Jacksonville.

This area of Florida has a large network of paved multi-use recreational trails that follow alongside the major roadways, connecting neighborhoods, local parks, schools and communities.

Flagler Beach to Marineland Trail

The Flagler Beach to Marineland Trail is a 21-mile long paved pathway. The trail extends from the community of Marineland, goes past Palm Coast and continues to a point about 7 miles south of the community of Flagler Beach. The south end of the trail is about 63 miles northeast from the center of Orlando.

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