Map of the Spring to Spring Trail & East Central Regional Rail Trail


Spring to Spring Trail

Spring to Spring Trail, Florida

Spring to Spring Trail &
 East Central Reagional Trail


10.5 miles




DeLand, Orange City, Valdez, DeBary, Deltona, Enterprise


Lake Beresford Park, Blue Spring State Park, Lake Monroe, DeBarry Hall Historic Site


Rinehart Trail
SR 415 Trail


Regional Trails

The Spring to Spring Trail is a planned 26-mile long trail that currently has two separate completed sections of paved pathways in the Deltona area of Northern Florida. The trail has been completed in a 3.3 mile long section near Lake Beresford and a 7.2-mile long section north of Lake Monroe.

Northern Section

The 3.3-mile long northern completed section of the Spring to Spring Trail spans between the north end of Lake Beresford Park, just south of Alexander Drive, to W. French Avenue and Becker Boulevard in Blue Spring State Park. The trail was constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way and goes through thickly wooded natural areas and wetlands adjacent to Lake Beresford and St. Johns River.

The northern section of the Spring to Spring Trail is also just west of the residential and commercial areas of DeLand and Orange City.

Southern Section

The 7.2-mile long southern section of the Spring to Spring Trail wraps around the northwest side of Lake Monroe. The trail spans between Lake Monroe Park on Old Deland Road in Valdez and Green Springs Park off of Braddock Road in Enterprise.

This section of the trail goes past the wetlands and wooded area around the lake. At Gemini Springs Park, it then follows alongside Dirksen Drive going past commercial and residential areas on the south side of Deltona. There is a branch of the trail that takes off to the northwest to the DeBary Hall Historic Site. DeBary Hall is the elegant home for the hunting estate that occupied ths area. The home was built in the traditional southern style of architecture, painted white, with shady balconies and elaborate trim.

The southern section also goes past Deltona Middle School and Enterprise Elementary School.

Nearby Trails

Rinehart Trail: The Rinehart Trail can be reached by traveling along State Highway 17 to Lake Monroe Wayside Park. The Rinehart Trail then heads to the south into Sanford and eventual meets up with the Cross Seminole Trail.

East Central Regional Trail: At Green Springs Park, the Spring to Spring Trail meets the west end of the East Central Regional Rail Trail.

East Central Regional Rail Trail

The East Central Regional Rail Trail is an 8-mile long paved pathway that follows an abandoned railroad right-of-way from Green Springs Park on the north shore of Lake Monroe in Enterprise to Guise Road on the east side of Osteen. The trail travels trhough the rural countryside of this area, through wookdlands and rural communities.

Nearby Trails

SR 415 Trail: the two trails intersect in the community of Osteen at State Route 415. The SR 415 Trail follows alongside the highway to the south for 4.8 miles to the community of Midway.


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