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Wilmington, Delaware

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Bellview State Park Trail

Brandywine Trail

Fox Point State Park

Industrial Track Greenway

James T. Cochoran Greenway

Northern Delaware Greenway Trail

Center Road Multi-Use Path

Riverwalk on the Christina




Wilmington is located at the northern tip of the State of Delaware. The city is situated along the Christina River and the Delaware River across from New Jersey.

The City of Wilmington has a number of recreational trails for bike riding running and walking.

Northern Delaware Greenway Trail

The Northern Delaware Greenway Trail is a 7.5-mile long paved pathway located on the north side of Wilmington. A portion of the trail follows Brandywine Creek to the west of N. Market Street and goes past Brandywine Zoo and Brandywine Park. The trail then heads to the northeast through thick wooded areas alongside Alapocas Run. From there the trail wraps around the north side of Rock Manor Golf Course and crosses under Interstate 95 to wander through Rockwood Park and Bringhust Woods Park. The north end of the trail is located along Governor Printz Boulevard to the north of Cauffiel Parkway.

Riverwalk on the Christina

The Riverwalk on the Christina is a 1.5-mile long system of paved paths located just south of Downtown Wilmington. The north end of the riverwalk is located near the Market Street bridge and Tubman Garret Riverfront Park. The trail follows the river going past the Delaware Sports Museum and Daniel S. Frawley Stadium. The south end of the Riverwalk on the Christina is located at the DuPont Environmental Education Center of Delaware Nature Society.

Brandywine Trail

The Brandywine Trail is a 2.5-mile long paved pathway located north of Wilmington. The trail travels through the thickly forested natural areas alongside the creek and goes through the Brandywine Creek State Park.

The south end of the Brandywine Trail is located along Rockland Road to the west of Mt. Lebanon Road in the community of Rockland. The north end of the trail is located along Ramsey Road.

Fox Point State Park Trail

Fox Point State Park is located along the Delaware River, just northeast of Downtown Wilmington and adjacent to Interstate 495. There is 1.5-miles of multi-use pathway located in the park with lovely views of the river.


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