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Regional Recreational trails for walking, running and cycling in Connecticut

Regional Recreational Trails, Connecticut map area

Regional Recreational Trails, Connecticut

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Connecticut has a number of regional recreational trails that connect numerous communities and travel across the beautiful Connecticut countryside.

Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail is an 80-mile long corridor that stretches between New Haven in Southern Connecticut at Northhampton, Massachusetts. Approximately 54-miles of this corridor has developed paved trails. There are two separate sections of paved trails within the many communities along the route within Connecticut.

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Farmington River Trail

The Farmington River Trail roughly follows the Farmington River through rural areas in Connecticut to the west of Hartford. The route includes paved and unpaved sections with some on-street connections. There are approximately 12.7 miles of separate pathway within the route. The trail intersects the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail at the north and south end. This trail connects several communities and travels through the natural areas alongside the river, past residential neighborhoods and farmland.

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Air Line State Park Trail

The Air Line State Park Trail is a 53-mile long unpaved pathway that spans between East Hampton and Pomfret in Eastern Connecticut.

The Air Line State Park Trail follows a historic abandoned railroad right-of-way and travels through miles and miles of thick woodlands and past rural communities. The route is that of the rail line between Boston and New York.

A 3.5-mile long branch called the Colchester Spur heads to the south to the middle of Colchester.

Naugatuck River Greenway Website

Hop River State Park Trail

The Hop River State Park Trail is a 20.2-mile long unpaved pathway that stretches between Manchester, Vernon, Bolton and Columbia in Central Connecticut. the trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad right-of-way through the beautiful woodlands of this part of the state. The trail goes past residential neighborhoods, commercial districts, alongside Railroad Brook, uses underpasses for crossing major roadways and then winds its way through the dense forestland adjacent to State Highway 6.

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Larkin State Park Trail

The Larkin State Park Trail is a 10.5-mile long unpaved pathway located in Southwestern Connecticut. The trail is located in the countryside to the east of Southbury. Constructed along an abandoned railroad right-of-way, the trail travels through dense woodlands and crosses several creeks and streams.

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Middlebury Greenway

The Middlebury Greenway is a 4.5-mile long paved pathway that wanders through Middlebury to the west of Waterbury. The trail spans between Christian Road and the Straits Turnpike. The trail travels alongside Middlebury Road and connects several parks.

Pequonnock River Trail

The Pequonnock River Trail is a system of trails loced in southern Connecticut. The trail has paved and unpaved section and is located in a group of 68 state designated greenways along the Pequannock River from Bridgeport to Newtown, spanning over 15 miles.

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