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Bizz Johnson Trail

Bizz Johnson Trail California map area

Bizz Johnson Trail


25.5 miles






Susan River Trail


rail trail, bridges, tunnels, historic railroad depot, rugged hillsides of the foothills near Mt. Lassen

The Bizz Johnson Trail is a 25.5-mile long unpaved pathway that travels through the rugged hillsides located to the southeast of Mount Lassen in Lassen County located in Northern California. The trail follows the route of an abandoned railroad right-of-way. The trail includes several historic trestle railroad bridges over the Susan River and two tunnels. The trail is located far from any road ways and travels through the pine and fir forests of the area. The trail is situated between 4100 feet  and 5500 feet above sea level and makes for a lovely trip in the fall to see the autumn colors of the willows along the river.

The eastern end of the trail is located within the City of Susanville at the historic railroad depot.


The Bizz Johnson Trail is unpaved for the entire route. The trail is open for bike riding, hiking and horseback riding. The surface is suitable for mountain bikes. The trail is quite remote, so trail users should come prepared.


The Bizz Johnson Trail  is located to the west of the community of Susanville and to the north of Westwood.

End Points

The western end of the Bizz Johnson Trail is located at a point along McCoy Road off of Mooney Road at 3.25 miles north of Highway 36 and Westwood.

The eastern end of the trail is located along Richmond Road, 0.5 miles south of Main Street in Susanville.


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