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Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

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Tony Knowles Coastal Trail


11 miles






views of Cook Inlet, views of the Chugach Mountains, Downtown Anchorage, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Point Woronzog, Point Campbell, Kincaid Park


Ship Creek Trail
Chester Creek Trail
Raspberry Road Multi-Use Path



The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is an 11-mile long paved pathway that follows the coastline of Cook Inlet in Anchorage, Alaska.This is the most popular trail in Anchorage for both tourists and the locals. It is easy to reach from several locations and offers marvelous views of Cook Inlet, Fire Island, Downtown Anchorage and the Chugach Mountains that form a dramatic backdrop for the entire Anchorage area. Wildlife abounds in this area and there are foreseted stretches, wetlands, local parks and the waves lapping up on the shoreline.

The route of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail spans from Downtown Anchorage to Kincaid Park. The trail takes people past the shops, restaurants and museums of the downtown area, past Westchester Lagoon, through Earthquake Park, around Point Woronzof and around the airport. The south end of the trail heads inland at Point Campbell and through Kincaid Park. From this point trail users can use the bike path for Raspberry Road to head back into the middle of Anchorage.


The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is paved for the entire route. Most of the trail is located away from traffic and there are few road crossings. The trail is open for bike riding, running and walking.


The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail goes past the following communities: Anchorage.

Points of Interest

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail goes past the following points of interest:

Buttress Park
Downtown Anchorage
Oscar Anderson House Museum
Elderberry Park
Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park
Lyn Ary Park
Earthquake Park
Downtown Anchorage Viewpoint
Point Woronzof Park & Overlook
Point Campbell Park
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
Kincaid Park
Nearby Trails

Ship Creek Trail: the two trails come within a few block of eachother on the north side of Downtown Anchorage.

Chester Creek Trail: the Chester Creek Trail can be reached by folowing the trail around Westchester Lagoon in Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park.

Rasberry Road Multi-Use Path: the two trails meet at the south end of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail in the middle of Kincaid Park.

End Points

The north end of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is located along 2nd Avenue on the north side of Downtown Anchorage.

The south end of the trail in the middle of Kincaid Park along Rasberry Road.


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